Thursday, October 31, 2019

Grandparenting with Grace Review!

In this practical and biblical resource for grandparents, Larry McCall helps readers confidently carry out their mission of gospel-focused grandparenting. Grandparenting with Grace explores how to build a legacy of a life worth following and how to faithfully pray for grandchildren.
What does God say about grandparents and grandchildren? Rather than relying on personal stories and ideas alone, Grandparenting with Grace seeks to explain from Scripture the "what," "why," "who," and "how" of grandparenting.
Readers hungry to know more about God's calling for this role will find inspiration, encouragement, and gospel hope. As a parent to three and grandparent to six, the author shares his personal experiences coming alongside his children in supportive ways as they seek to raise their kids—his grandkids—in the ways of Christ.
Many people in our culture look at grandparenting primarily as an opportunity to make occasional fun memories with their grandkids. There's often little thought given to the idea of intentionally and spiritually pouring into grandchildren.
McCall urges readers to look at grandparenting from an eternal perspective, considering how to be involved in their families in God-honoring ways. By applying biblical wisdom, grandparents can also strengthen the local church as they continue to see and pursue God's calling to present the gospel to the coming generations.

My thoughts: This book is excellent for those in the grandparenting phase of life! A lot has changed since grandparents were parents in the world, especially with the world of technology, and this book touches on being a grandparent and navigating a changing world. What I really appreciated were the chapters on being intentional and praying for your grandchildren. With so many more ways to "connect" through technology, it is easy to let that replace true connection, and showing grandchildren how to prioritize what is most important and drive home that they are important.
With being a prayerful grandparent, I know that I appreciate knowing that my parents and in-laws are covering my children in prayers as well.
This is an excellent book to pick up!
I received this book from the publisher. This is my honest review and is in no way influenced by receiving a complimentary copy.

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