Friday, August 16, 2019

Hills of Nevermore

Can a young widow hide her secret shame from the Irish preacher bent on helping her survive?

In an Idaho Territory boom town, America Liberty Reed overhears circuit preacher Shane Hayes try to persuade a hotel owner to close his saloon on Sunday. Shane lands face-down in the mud for his trouble, and there’s talk of shooting him. America intervenes and finds herself in an unexpectedly personal conversation with the blue-eyed preacher. Certain she has angered God in the past, she shies away from Shane.

Addie Martin, another widow, invites America to help in her cook tent in Virginia City, the new mining town. Even with Addie’s teenage son helping with America’s baby, life is hard. Shane urges America to depart for a more civilized location. Neither Shane’s persuasions nor road agents, murder, sickness, or vigilante violence can sway America. Loyalty and ambition hold her fast until dire circumstances force her to confront everything she believes about herself, Shane, and God.

Based on actual historical events during a time of unrest in America, Hills of Nevermore explores faith, love, and courage in the wild west.

My thoughts: The mid 1800's present few options for women wanting to make a living, and is even tougher on widows who are looking to make an honest living in the Wild West. When Addie invites America and her baby to join her and her son on a venture to open a restaurant, neither woman realizes what they are in for. This is the first book that I have read by Janalyn, but it won't be the last! I enjoyed her attention to detail and how she brings the time period to life. I also fell in love with her characters, and appreciated that both America and Addie have their stories told in Hills of Nevermore. If you enjoy historical fiction with plenty of twists and turns to the story, then I highly recommend this story for you to pick up!
I received this book through Just Read tours. This is my honest review and is in no way influenced by receiving a complimentary copy.

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