Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Gone to Texas Review and Giveaway

Can beauty truly come from ashes?
Deception drives seventeen souls to hard choices. Either stay on the land they thought they’d bought or heed the lure of free land in the faraway wilderness of a new Republic. Rife with peril and hardship, three families knit together by blood and friendship head out with a widowed man, daughter, and his slave, gambling everything they own on the prospect of land ownership and working it together. Does friendship pave a way to marriage? Can puppy-love survive through a harrowing journey to blossom into a forever lover? With duress at every turn, can the clan stay together all the way to Texas and accomplish their goals?

My Review: Three families find that their livelihood is taken out from under them when they find out they don't really own the land they have been working. With the promise of a fresh start in Texas the O’Neals, Worleys, Van Zandts, and Harrells uproot and move towards the promise of free land in an untamed place. With 17 members to the clan, this book is a bit intense to keep everyone straight, but I love that there are several different view points and that each were unique and delightful. I look forward to seeing where this series goes! I sure hope it includes a lot of these characters.
I received this book from Celebrate Lit. This is my honest review and is in no way influenced by receiving a complementary copy.

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About the Author:
Top priority is God’s glory, and that’s exactly what Caryl McAdoo prays her stories will bring. To entertain and draw readers into a closer walk with Him is next. A quick check of stars and reviews attest to the success of this award-winning, best-selling author—all by the Father’s faithfulness. Besides writing, she loves singing praises, including the new songs He gives her! Visit her YouTube channel. Ron, her high school sweetheart husband won her heart fifty-two years ago, and they share four children and seventeen grandsugars. Ron and Caryl live on thirty-four acres ‘The Peaceable’ in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas and wait expectantly for God to open the next door.

Guest Post from Caryl:
As much as I hated leaving the Buckmeyers, Baylors, and Nightingales and the Red River Valley, I loved starting this fresh Family Saga series with all new characters! GONE TO TEXAS is Book One of the Cross Timber Romances and features three families—the O’Neals, Van Zandts, and Worleys—joined by blood and friendship through Liberty O’Neal. Laud Worley is her little brother and Mallory Van Zandt, her best friend since school days.
Together, they’d traveled south to settle in Tennessee and were about to harvest their first cotton crop that fall in 1840 when they discovered the deed to their land—the land they’d spent all their pooled savings on—was forged and no-good.
The legal owner graciously allows them to stay through harvest, taking his portion of their labor and cottonseed. At the gin, Seve Van Zandt hears rumors of Texas, a new Rebublic out west, offering free land to pioneers willing to tame its wildlands. This first story—book one—is all about their journey to the new country filled with hope and dreams.
A hired widower who with his daughter and slave helped harvest the clan’s cotton asked to join them on their journey, and so, on that faithful September morn, seventeen souls set out after they hung a hand painted sign on one of the cabins they left behind. “Gone to Texas”!
Another very special thing about this novel, one hundred twelve thousand words—about three hundred fifty pages, is that it is also book one in a brand new collection! The Thanksgiving Books and Blessings Collection that includes stories from eight other authors besides me: Lena Nelson Dooly, Heather Blanton, Kristin Holt, Kit Morgan, Suzette Williams, Pauline Creeden, George McVey, and Lynette Sowell!
All nine books will have Thanksgiving Dinner with family around the table, giving thanks to God for all his blessings. I’ve noticed many series launched in December, but Thanksgiving is my favorite. I love giving thanks to the Lord!
And as always, I pray my story gives God glory, and that its readers will be drawn closer to Him through it. He blesses and highly favors me daily. I cannot thank or praise Him enough!

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  1. Thanks so much for bringing to our attention another great book out there to read. I appreciate hearing about them since I have so many readers in my family.

    1. Hey James! Another new release! My 6th this year! Good to see you again. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. oh my this cover. it is gorgeous. ohh this sounds fabulous. the workings of so many people together sharing life like this is bound to have its ups and downs. this is so on my to read list. thanks for posting today.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

    1. Thank you, Lori!! I'm so blessed with my cover designer, Evelyne LaBelle! I love writing with lots of character, using relationships and descriptions instead of a million proper names :) Plus I hope that helps the readers keep them all straight until they get to KNOW them! I would imagine at least 12 books in this series :) (Not the Thanksgiving Collection, but the Cross Timbers Romance Family Saga, the other Book One GONE TO TEXAS is! :)

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for being on my Celebrate Lit Blog Tour, Amanda! I'm so thankful and glad you enjoyed the story! I really like getting into the characters heads. I think it makes them so much more personal and like your REAL friend! :)

    1. They were a lot of fun! I love that it was very personal. Thanks for doing the tour!