Monday, August 27, 2018

Made for These Times

In fearful, uncertain times, how can we find significance in something greater than ourselves?
Award-winning social entrepreneur Justin Zoradi was once haunted by this question as a young person daunted by the world's needs, yet wanting to make a difference. But when some friends from across the world invited him to join them, Justin said yes - and felt a small spark ignite within. That spark led to the founding of These Numbers Have Faces, a social enterprise investing in the next generation of African leaders.
Made For These Times is a field guide to help you find your own spark as you remember who you were made to be. Through 26 power-packed microchapters, you will learn how to bolster ambition with character, dig deep to find your grit, and rise up to the challenges of today.
Along the way, Justin weaves together compelling narrative, historical anecdotes, practical tips, and a six-part road map to equip you to join God in the work he is already doing. The result is a hope-filled blueprint for fighting back against fear and building a life of purpose.
A life of significance isn't about what you are doing, it's about who you are becoming. In these trying times, God is calling you to be brave. Made For These Times is a rallying declaration that we cannot rely on the heroes of the past to engage the challenges of today. It's your turn – let this book be the spark you’ve been waiting for.

My thoughts: This book is excellent! The message, one that challenges misconceptions and encourages the reader to embrace all the Lord would have us experience and the work we can help Him with, is one that I have been hearing quite a bit over the last week or so. It was appropriate that I received this book from Thomas Nelson, since it is a book of action that is well written and hard to put down. I highly recommend this book and the excellent, encouraging message it has.
I received this book from Book look bloggers. This is my honest review and is in in no way influenced by receiving a complimentary copy.

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