Saturday, April 7, 2018

Red Sky Over America

William and America confront evil, but will it costs them everything?

In 1857, America, the daughter of a slave owner, is an abolitionist and a student at Oberlin College, a school known for its radical ideas. America goes home to Kentucky during school break to confront her father about freeing his slaves.

America's classmate, William, goes to Kentucky to preach abolition to churches that condone slavery. America and William find themselves in the center of the approaching storm sweeping the nation and may not make it home to Ohio or live through the struggle.

My thoughts: My uncle attended Oberlin, so I knew a smidge about the college's history with the underground railroad. So, I very much enjoyed this story of the abolition movement from many of the sides involved. I look forward to reading more of the series, since this one was well written and thought provoking.
I received this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.

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