Monday, January 1, 2018

Take ten: new authors (to me) in 2017

1. Jamie Jo Wright

This is the only book I have read by her so far, and while it was a bit darker then what I usually read, I loved the message. It was surprisingly deep for fiction!

2. Kasie West

I read two of Kasie's books this year, since they are just so cute! Everything YA fiction should be, IMO. I look forward to reading more by her this next year! (I also read Lucky in Love)

3. Mark Batterson

The women's study group I am in choice to start 2017 off with this devotion, which was amazing! I'm starting this year off with it as well, to see if it is a trend I want to continue. I also read Whisper by him, which was interesting, but not near as life changing.

4. Julie Daines

My sister recommended Julie's books to me, then I realized I had downloaded two of hers on Netgalley! I've enjoyed Eleanor and the Iron King and A Blind Eye, both very different stories, and look forward to reading Willowkeep here soon.

5. Janice Cantore

Another author that my sister recommended to me. I need to read more than this one book by her!

6. Stephanie Morrill

This is the only book I have read by Stephanie, but I look forward to reading some of her other stories, since this one was amazing!

7. Heidi Chiavaroli

I've just read Freedom's Ring, but I look forward to reading her next book that releases in May.

8. M.J. Thomas

My daughter and I read the first and second books in this series together. They are a lot of fun for young (and not so young) readers!

9. Heidi St. John

Becoming Mom Strong is the only book I have read by Heidi, but I did notice she has a Bible study that looks like it would be good to go through!

10. Kim Vogel Sawyer

Bringing Maggie Home was incredibly well written and hit on some of my insecurities. I loved that it about three generations of women.

Honorary mentions:
Michele Phoenix-While Of Stillness and Storm is well written, it was not my favorite book by far.
Eric Metaxas-I feel like I am cheating with this one, since I really just listened to him talk about his books 7 Women and the Secret of their Greatness and 7 Men and the Secret of their Greatness, both of which were interesting to hear about.
Shani Petroff-I'm only about half way through My New Crush Gave to Me, so I can't say for certain if it is one that I will recommend. So far though, it's a fun story.
What authors were your new favorites this year? Who would you recommend?


  1. LOVED all of the books I (finally) read by Kasie West. They're adorable! Also really enjoying Jaime's novel too. And I have 'Crush' on my shelf. It does sound cute, so I'm hoping I'll enjoy. :)

    1. They are adorable! I will have to read more of them, when I need a cute story.;) I don't know if any of the others will top P.S. though.
      I can't wait to read Jaime's upcoming novel!
      I just finished "Crush" and it's a lot of fun.;)

  2. I meant to finally read Kasie West in 2017 and never did. This will be the year!

    1. I hope you take the time to read them, since the two I read were wonderful!

  3. Kasie West is a fabulous writer. I'm so pleased that you found her in 2017!

    1. Me too! I look forward to reading more of her books.;)

  4. I haven't heard of ANY of these authors, which is always a good thing! Gives me more to look into when I can't figure out what to read next. :D

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thanks!

    1. I hope you will get the chance to read some of them!

  5. I have yet to try Kasie West, crazy right?! I really want to though. Her covers look so adorable!! Great list!!!

    1. The books are every bit as adorable as the covers! I hope you get the chance to read her books this year.:)

  6. It looks like you discovered a lot of amazing authors last year!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!