Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Simpliest Way to Change the World

How to make disciples using hospitality

Deep down, every Christian wants to make a difference. But for many of us, the years come and go and we never do. The good news is: change can be as simple as opening your front door.

The Simplest Way to Change the World is about biblical hospitality and its power for the gospel. Since people will sooner enter a living room than a church, hospitality is a natural and effective way to build relationships for Christ. You'll learn:

How the home can be a hub for community
How hospitality leads to joy, purpose, and belonging
How it grows families to love the things of God
How it's not about being the perfect host
How to be hospitable regardless of your living space

Hospitality is a beautiful legacy of the church, and a great way to make disciples. As you open your life up to others, you share in the very character of God and experience His joy. And you get to witness lives change—including your own.

Includes 20+ creative ideas for hospitality, plus questions for small groups

My thoughts: This is a book that I would love to do with a small group! I hadn't really thought about how just opening ones home to others can be a game changer, since when you open your home to others, you are opening yourself up to deeper friendships. I love to have people over, but I generally have excuses about the state of my house that keeps me from hosting more. After reading this book, I want that to change. I look forward to applying the message of this book to my life!
I received this book from Moody in exchange for my honest review.

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