Monday, December 5, 2016

Take Ten: New to me authors in 2016

While it seems like I read a lot of new authors, I had a harder time coming up with this list! Here are ten authors I tried (and loved!) for the first time this year.

1. Victoria Bylin

I had heard a lot about this author, and even got one of her first books on my Kindle through Netgalley. I'm glad I finally read one of her books, since she is a fabulous author!

2. Sara Ella

I was super excited about this book! It was great, and I look forward to reading more by this author.

3. Becky Thompson
I'm not really one to follow blogs, unless they are people I know or feel like I know through something like this. So, I didn't read anything by Becky until I got a hold of Hope Unfolding. It's a wonderful book on parenting!

4. Ruth Logan Herne

I've enjoyed both books in this series, and look forward to going back and reading some of her other books, since she writes some deep characters and tackles difficult subjects.

5. Janet Ferguson

I adore this author! She does a marvelous job of writing fiction and bringing important topics into her stories (like modern day slavery).

6. Rachelle Rae Cobb

I'm not even sure how I first found Rachelle's blog, but I was thrilled to finally read her first book!

7. Liz Johnson

She had me at Prince Edward Island.;)

8. Kristen Welch

9. Catherine West

10. Candace Calvert


  1. All these authors are "new to me" haha, never heard of them, but they look interesting!!!

    1. I hope you will enjoy them, if you decide to try some of them out.;)

  2. I haven't read any of these authors. I'm pleased that you loved them so much though!