Monday, September 12, 2016

The Low Pressure Guide to Parenting Your Preschooler

The Low-Pressure Guide to Parenting Your Preschooler is brilliantly written to liberate parents from the expectations of having to be super-parents. It relieves the pressure to follow long lists of rules, to be perfect, and to be enslaved by the idea that, “If you don’t do this, your kids will turn out terribly.” This book shows parents that it’s really not their job to make sure their child turns out “right.” Instead, the author encourages parents to learn the much simpler and more rewarding role God has for them. This book . . .

Assists parents in recognizing the difference between controlling and influencing actions when it comes to raising preschoolers.
Provides a four-quadrant grid that visually clarifies what parents can and can’t control and what they are and aren’t responsible for when it comes to interacting with their child
Distills the mountain of parenting advice and material down to four overarching principles that are clear and doable

The Low-Pressure Guide to Parenting Your Preschooler makes the job of parenting simpler and reduces the stress parents feel when it comes to parenting.

My thoughts: We put so many pressures on ourselves when parenting, since we want what we think is best for our kids and hope that they will turn out perfect. This book was an excellent reminder for me that we are all imperfect creatures, but that God knows that about us and loves us anyways. So, I, as a parent, need to have some grace for both myself and my children. This book has so many excellent points. I really needed to read this one! I appreciated the reminder not to get caught up in the small details, but to enjoy this phase. The good, the bad, and the ugly.;) This book is not about letting your kid run amok, but about learning what is important and what can be let go. I highly recommend this book for parents of preschoolers!
I received this book from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review.

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