Monday, July 25, 2016

An Elegant Facade

Lady Georgina Hawthorne has worked tirelessly to seal her place as the Incomparable for her debut season. At her first London ball, she hopes to snag the attention of an earl.
With money and business connections, but without impeccable bloodlines, Colin McCrae is invited everywhere but accepted nowhere. When he first encounters the fashionable Lady Georgina, he's irritated by his attraction to a woman who concerns herself only with status and appearance.
What Colin doesn't know is that Georgina's desperate social aspirations are driven by the shameful secret she harbors. Association with Colin McCrae is not part of Georgina's plan, but as their paths continue to cross, they both must decide if the realization of their dreams is worth the sacrifices they must make.

My thoughts: I loved this story! While I admit that it took me a bit to get into it, since there is quite a bit of overlap from the first book (though, told through different characters, which was fun, but I felt like it went on a bit too long). That said, I enjoyed getting to know some of the characters better who were introduced in the first book, but didn't have huge roles until this story. Kristi does a fabulous job of making the snobby Lady Georgina someone who the reader actually starts to sympathize with and like. The battle of wits is fun, and I love the attitude that Georgina's conscience takes on.;)
I found this book delightful and highly recommend the series!
I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Glad you enjoyed this one, Amanda. It sounds like it has a Jane Austen-esque twist with that "battle of wits" going on. :)

    1. It is a bit like Jane Austen, hence why I enjoyed it so much.;)