Monday, March 14, 2016

Take ten: books on my Spring TBR list

I am so ready for Spring this year! The weather has been nice (for the most part) for a while now, but it will be nice to have Spring officially here.;) With the new season, comes a list of books I would like to read before it turns to Summer.

1. Letters to my Daughters

This book is just gorgeous! I admit that I already started it, since it was just too pretty to set in the pile.;) It will probably take me a bit to complete though!

2. A Haven on Orchard Lane

It's killing me that this book is on my Kindle and that I am unable to start it at the moment!

3. Expectant Blessings

4. On Lone Star Trail

5. From this Moment

6. Thy say we are Infidels

Quite interested in this one.

7. Finding God in the Ruins

8. Back in the Saddle

9. That's Not Hay in my Hair

10. Dawn at Emberwilde


  1. I hear Lawana's new novel is outstanding (I once read many of her oldie titles) and yay for a new Elizabeth Camden novel. Hers are always memorable. :)

    1. I loved Lawana's other books, so I am super excited about this one! Especially after seeing some reviews raving about it.;)

  2. It looks like you have some really good ones on your list. Have fun reading. My TTT

  3. Interesting possibilities! Thank you.