Monday, March 21, 2016

Suddenly Single Mom

Raising your children alone may not have been your plan, but these 52 encouragements will support and inspire you to thrive in your new role.

Raising your family on your own can be heartbreaking, lonely and hard to navigate. Suddenly, you are the one who has to have the answers. Remembering that God is always with you and that His love is faithful can give you the confidence to face whatever this new life brings. With a foundation of helpful Scripture verses, each message shares a story, a survival tip and a prayer.

Readers will find a faithful companion in this book as they encounter each new experience and learn to embrace their new role. Jeanette Hanscome shares 52 encouraging insights gleaned from her first year as a single mom to two boys. She shares very real struggles and triumphs, from learning to stand on her own to knowing when to ask for or accept help, and deals with both the emotional and the practical challenges of raising her children on her own.

Jeanette Hanscome is an author, writing teacher, speaker, and busy mom. Her work has been featured by Focus on the Family, Standard Publishing, Walk Thru the Bible, and Lifeway. She enjoys cooking, knitting, reading, studying the Bible, and spending time with her two incredible sons. Jeanette was born with a rare vision disorder called Achromatopsia, which means she has no color vision, is extremely light sensitive, and has visual acuity in the legally blind range. Jeanette lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My thoughts: This is such a wonderful resource! I love that Jeanette is open and honest about her struggle with raising two boys after becoming suddenly single. The devotions are set up nicely, with a scripture, the author's personal experiences, a prayer, a thought to consider, a Scripture passage to look up, and a survival tip. This is the perfect devotional for Single mothers! If you aren't a single mother, but know some, then this book would make a perfect gift to encourage those mothers!
I received this book from Worthy publishers in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thank you so much for this reveiw, Amanda! I appreciate you taking the time to share your thought about it.


    1. Of course! Thank you for sharing your heart and writing the book. I know it fills a much needed spot!