Friday, June 12, 2015

The One

If you’re looking for average, go ahead and put down this book. No hard feelings.

Most people will admit that they are looking for an amazing love story. We’ve all seen those couples, the ones holding hands or whispering to each other as they stare into one another’s eyes as if they share an awesome secret. We watch them and wonder, what’s up with those two?
We never anticipated becoming one of “those couples.” When we met, we just worked on listening to God and preparing ourselves for the story he planned for us. What we learned and want to share is that no matter what your relationship status may be, this amazing story begins with you.
In this book we share more than the events happening around “The Surprise Wedding.” We share our triumphs and our mistakes, both before and after that day. You’ll learn healthy habits you can start practicing today, ones that will help you lay the groundwork for an incredible marriage later. God has something amazing in mind for you, but he can’t get you there without your help.

We absolutely believe in The One. And we believe that you’re it.

My thoughts: When Ryan over heard his girlfriend mention to a friend that she would like to get engaged and married on the same day, he decided to work on making it happen. Seeking to give Amanda the wedding she always wanted, he starts on a fun journey that leads to their wedding video going viral.
I actually had never heard of Ryan and Amanda Leak, but it was fun to read about their wedding and the thoughts they have on finding the one. While I don't think getting engaged and married on the same day would work for every couple, they have a lot of great insight on how to center your relationship on the Lord.
I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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