Monday, October 27, 2014

Top Ten Characters I would love to dress up as for a costume party

Top ten
1. Emma Woodhouse
Because really, Regency gowns are just gorgeous!

2. Bixby from One Realm Beyond
Out of all the characters, this one dresses the most fun!

3. Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
I like the mental picture that I have of how a gypsy would dress.;) I think it would make a fun costume!

4. Jo March from Little Women
Because Jo has always been my favorite, with her great imagination and big heart.

5. Eowyn from LOTR
I love her clothes, and she is my favorite between her and Arwyn.:)

6. Laura Ingalls Wilder
Again, my childhood fetish for Pioneer things comes up.

7.Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter
She is just a fun character and would probably be one of the most fun to dress up like!

8. Katherine Ramsey in The Daughter of Highland Hall

9. Lucy Pevensie

10. Sophie Hatter


  1. I agree with you on several of your choices. I can easily picture the costumes, too. My TTT List for Halloween

    1. Hi Anne!
      I tried to look at your TTT list, but it wouldn't come up for me.
      Thank you! It would be a lot of fun to dress up as a literary character.

  2. I think Tonks would be fun to dress up as!

  3. So surely you can dress up as one of them for later this week, no? :-)

    1. lol, we will be holed up at the house, but it would be a possibility.;)
      I like the idea of doing a masquerade!

  4. I would love to dress up as either Laura or Jo.
    Both favorites of mine.

    Have a great day!

  5. Oh these are great! Laura Ingalls would be so fun, I remember being SO fascinated with her and her whole time period when I was younger. Wonderful choices!

    1. Thank you! I loved the Ingalls family when I was young. I look forward to reading the series again with my kids!