Monday, August 11, 2014

Take ten

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday question: Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read
1. The Divergent series.
I read the first one, and didn't really get into it. I'm debating about watching the movie, though, to see if that will get me into the series and cause me to want to return to the series.

2. Matched by Ally Condie
I feel like this series had so much potential, and yet, didn't deliver.

3. Anna Karenina
I just don't know if I could put up with her for that many pages...

4. Our Mutual Friend
I love this story! But, I fear it will be a few years (or more) before I can devote the time to actually reading the book. For now, the book on tape and movie will have to do...

5. Maisie Dobbs.
I enjoyed the first four or so books. Then, I found out about a dumb twist in Maisie's personal life. So, I am not sure that I will pick up the rest of the series. (that said, the first few books are wonderful in this series! It gives a unique approach to WWI)

6.A Series of Unfortunate Events
I read the first book or two in this series. While they were fun and different, I don't know that I will ever finish the series. There are just to many books to read!

7. My Name Is America
I tried one, when I was much younger. They just weren't as good as the Dear America books!

8. Twilight
I just can't imagine getting into the series. No offense to those of you who enjoy it.;)

9. The Merlin Spiral series
I read the first book. While it was written well and seeped in history, it was a bit dark for my liking, with all the Druid history.

10. Dracula
What can I say? I just can't imagine ever being into vampires!


  1. I read the first Twilight book when it was so popular and when I was done I could appreciate what all the fuss was about but I had no desire to read on.

    1. At least you tried it though! I'm afraid I won't even do that.;)

  2. Divergent and Anna Karenina are up in the air for me too, though neither made my list. There are soooooo many books I'm confused about. Here's my TTT

    1. There are so many books out there that are hard to decide about! Thanks for stopping by.:)

  3. I don't see myself reading Harry Potter or the Twilight books.
    I'm not that familiar with the rest of these.

    1. I didn't see myself reading Harry Potter either, but then my husband and his family are into them. So, I gave then a go and enjoyed the whole seies! But, I understand where you are coming from.

  4. I love vampires... I didn't like twilight but generally vampires are right up my alley. I have taken two different classes (one in high school and one at university) where I should have read Dracula but I got so bored that I just looked it up online and sparknoted it up.
    IF you didn't get into the first Divergent book then I doubt the rest of the series is for you. And I know what you mean about A Series of Unfortunate Events. I was reading my way thought this series but it was a little overwhelming and I ended up giving up despite having enjoyed the books i had read :)

  5. You've got a great list! I do hope you enjoy the Divergent series as much as I did; I know that there are so many mixed reviews :) Believe it or not, I've never read the Twilight series or Matched! There are just so many new books out right now that they are keeping me from going back in time ha ha! :D

    Sparrow’s TTT

    1. I hope I enjoy it too! One of my good friends really enjoyed the series, so I hope I will too.;) I might try to get the movie and see it to refresh my memory on the first book.;)
      It is hard to keep up with all the good books that are constantly coming up! It seems like my list is constantly getting shorter, not longer.;)

  6. I don't think I could attempt a reread of Matched, I really didn't like it! Thank you for stopping by my blog! :-)