Thursday, March 20, 2014


When Juliet Cole's husband is gunned down in a quiet parking lot before her very eyes, it is chalked up as a random shooting. But, as things start to come to light, Juliet and her siblings who moonlight as PI's find out that not all is as it seems with the past.
I liked the first book in this series, but found this one to be even better! the twists and turns in the story keep one reading, racing to find out what is really going on with the story.
I also really appreciate the spiritual aspect of the story; even though Juliet's world isn't as perfect as she thought, she still holds to her faith in God.
Two thumbs up!


  1. Sounds interesting. I'm always on the hunt for new authors. How fast do you read a book? I'm afraid my reading is limited to an hour or so before bed or when I'm waiting in an office.

    1. It seems like I go through a book every couple of days, but that will slow once I am working more this summer. Or, once my little girl becomes more mobile!
      This one is a great, easy read though! It's the second in it's series, so I recommend starting with the first one, since there are a couple of on going stories.