Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Draw of Kings

The third and final book in The Staff and The Sword series, the dark forces are gathering against those in Illustria and it seems like there is no way for light to win. Knowing that the herb women in his home town have predicted that one of them will die, both Errol and Liam try to prepare for the worse. In the wake of the king's death, one of them will take the throne and heal their broken country.
I like the conclusion to this wonderful series. It was nice to have Liam in this story, since you don't get the chance to get to know him so well in the first two books. I also like how with both the second and third book has multiple adventures, since the main characters go separate ways to prepare for war. Something I thought was fun is how the author describes the different languages used.:) While I am sad that this series is over, I thought that this was a wonderful conclusion to the series. Well, with the exception that the ending is a tad rushed and could of had a bit more explaining. But, I still highly recommend it!

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