Thursday, January 30, 2014

Claudia, wife of Pontius Pilate

I seem to be on a Biblical fiction kick...:) Anyway, about the story.
Claudia grew up exiled from Rome due to her mother's many marriages and affairs. Once her Grandfather dies, as the Emperor's granddaughter, Claudia is sent to Rome, a place full of intrigue and malice. When it is arranged for her to marry Lucius Pontius Pilate, she is more than happy to leave Rome behind for unstable Judea. But, when she is plagued with dreams of a rabbi, she finds herself at a point where she must choose if it is worth it to risk all to follow Jesus.
I thought, over all, that this book was excellent. The author did a great job researching the story and bringing it to life. If you enjoy the "what if's" about fiction set in Biblical times, then you will enjoy this book!

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