Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Christmas in Apple Ridge

Curl up this Winter with Christmas in Apple Ridge, A collection of three novella's about the Amish in Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania.
In The Sound of Sleigh Bells you will meet Beth, a young woman who is still suffering from the loss of her beau the year before. Weighed down with guilt, she struggles to learn how to carry on life with Henry gone. When her well meaning aunt tries to bring joy back into Beth's life, chaos ensues.
The Christmas Singing tells the story of Mattie, a young woman who thought that life couldn't get any better as she plans to marry her sweetheart. When he abruptly breaks the engagement, and her heart, Mattie must rebuild her life. Years latter, when she returns home, she finds that all might not of been how it met the eye. Will she have the courage to choose between her old beau and her new one?
The Dawn of Christmas brings Sadie home from her years on the mission field in Peru. She found joy in her independence and working for the Lord, but could it be that a new chapter has opened in her life? When she attempts to discourage the meddlers in her life, she just might open herself up to romance.
I enjoyed this collection of novella's immensely! Most of the time, I prefer a full fledged novel, since some novella's seem too short to really get to know the characters. That is not the case with this one! The stories and characters are richly portrayed. This book is perfect for the holidays!

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