Thursday, September 5, 2013

Born of Persuasion

Julia Elliston's boring life is turned upside down when her mother unexpectedly dies, leaving behind disgrace and her daughter in the hands of a mysterious guardian who wishes to remain anonymous. Things become all the more weird when she is swept away from those she knows and embarks on an adventure to stay one step ahead of someone who might want her dead. And yet, who can she trust? Are her old friends safe? Should she of hastily made a deal with an older titled woman, in hopes of finding a husband to help her escape her guardian? Embroiled in her mother's mysterious past, Julia must discover who her friends are and if she can trust the God her father rejected.
This book had so much potential! I liked the author's style of writing, but found some of the subject matter to be too sensual for Christian fiction. I thought that the story could of done without some details. I was rather disappointed in this one!

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