Sunday, March 24, 2013

Undeniably Yours

When Megan Cole's father passes away, she must leave her simple life in Tulsa to move to her father's ranch and take over Cole Oil. The world of oil tycoons and business leaves Meg in a constant state of anxiety. When she tries, and fails, to close her father's horse farm, she unwitting;y stumbles on the antidote for her anxiety troubles- a man she;d intended to fire. Bo Porter is the picture perfect cowboy, with his all American family, military background, and love of horses. His faith in God and easy manner leave Meg with a sense of peace in her topsy turvy world.
When Meg has the chance to help a single mother in need, she also exposes herself to the man who caused her anxiety in the first place.
The characters in this story were interesting, and Meg's spiritual journey was something others can relate too. I felt like the story could have had a bit more to it though. Still, Undeniably Yours is a nice read. Two thumbs up!

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