Thursday, February 7, 2013

Secrets over Sweet Tea

Welcome to Franklin, Tennessee, where Scarlett Jo Newberry takes her role as a pastors wife seriously. Flamboyant, gregarious, and colorful, Scarlett Jo can spot a hurting soul a mile away and seeks to reach out a helping hand to those who's hearts are hurting. When Grace Shepherd moves to the area, Scarlett Jo instantly senses a hurting soul and seeks to reach out to her with the love of God. When secrets explode about several different couples in the community, Scarlett Jo and her husband are there to help put the families back together, showing what God can do with a broken heart if He gets all the pieces.
This book is gritty and heartbreaking, but there is also a beautiful message of hope and joy in the Lord that I loved. The characters are all hurting people who are working their way back to the Father who loves them. I don't know that this is my most favorite book of the month, but I did appreciate the way Denise Hildreth Jones emphasizes living joyously, with a heart open to God even through heartbreak. That living with an open heart is a daily journey.

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