Monday, February 25, 2013

Roses Have Thorns

When Lady Elin von Snakenborg has nothing to lose when she leaves behind Sweden with her Princess Cecelia to travel to Elizabethan England to meet the famed Queen Elizabeth 1. Leaving behind a fiance who prefers her younger sister and with no dowry, Elin figures she might as well stay in England when she catches the eye of one of the most wealthy men in Great Britain and asked to stay on as a lady in waiting to the Queen.
But the English court is one full of deception and intrigue, leaving Elin to figure out on her own how far she will go to serve the Virgin Queen.
While this novel is a bit dry, I appreciated the right historical aspects of it. Sandra Byrd's Tutor series is the only fictional Tudor style books I will read, since I can count on her to not have PG 13 rated language and content. It does talk a bit about what married life is like for Elin with being in the court, but I appreciate the tact that she uses when writing about it.
I'll give this one four out of five stars.:)
Received from Netgalley for my honest review.

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