Thursday, February 7, 2013

Echoes by Robin Jones Gunn

Lauren Phillips embarks on a journey through uncharted territory when her brother brings her a computer to liven life up after a painful breakup. Introduced to the world wide web, Lauren becomes pen-pals with another God-lover, known as KC, and begins to open up a bit. When the opportunity presents itself, after more than a year of writing, to meet up, Lauren is both excited and apprehensive about meeting someone she met online. Could their be something to the old fashioned way of getting to know one another through letters?
Even though this book was written back when person computers and the internet were just taking off, the story is a classic. I think it portrayed the emotions that go with getting to know someone online quite accurately. (not to mentioned, it was handled with a "don't be stupid about talking to just anyone online and proceed with caution when talking online")
One of the things I most appreciated about this book is that Lauren is given time to recover from her painful breakup. When she thinks she is ready to moving on by dating again, her friend cautions her about rebound relationships, which I thought was sound advise.
Over the years, I have read a fair bit of Robin Jones Gunn's books. I appreciate her characters, story lines, and her quest for providing Godly fiction for teen girls (which I think is a market more Christian authors should target) and women alike. I enjoyed Echoes because it was a good, wholesome story for all ages.

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