Saturday, February 9, 2013

A fairy tale of a novel

When Susanna Truitt's boyfriend of 12 years drops the bomb that he "found the right ring but not the right girl", Susanna realizes she has been living her life by "the plan" and holding to stability over what God would have to her. Everything in her life seems to turn upside down from that moment on, leading her to put her faith in God and His plan.
I loved the prayer that Susanna prays when she decides that she is at a point her life where she is 100% available for God and His ways. It was a wonderful example of how I should be that way even when things are smooth and going my way.
The story line is a bit predictable, a cross between Princess Diaries and The Prince and Me (though much sweeter than the latter), but still a fun, light read. This is the perfect novel for any girl who has ever dreamed of fairy tales and princes.

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