Friday, September 7, 2012

Seven Wants

This one might be the hardest one yet...:D

1. I want to find the perfect ice cream recipe, one that doesn't get all weird after being in the freezer for a while (and yet, it needs to versatile too)

2. The master bedroom to be done.;)

3. To live on a farm someday, one that has a massive orchard!

4. To see New Zealand.

5. To plant a successful garden next year. The drought ruined our attempts this year...

6. To learn a second language well.

7. To go kayaking. It just looks like a blast.;)


  1. All great things :)
    New Zealand would be amazing!
    I'd love to be able to speak a second language well too.
    Kayaking is fun, I've been on a lake before. But going white rafting down a that is a blast! :D

  2. It would be amazing! You can tell I've watched a little to much Lord of the Rings.;)
    What language would you want to speak for a second one?
    I would probably start out just going on a lake, and then take on the rapids after that. lol. Did you go with a big group?

  3. Languages...on one hand I wish I was proficient in ASL. But a European language such as German would be my pick most likely.

    do you know I haven't seen LOTR?! :)

    No, I went with my BF for the day, we went like 16 miles I think. It was a lot of fun, with stops and snacks and other people on the river too.

    1. I think French would be fun to learn, though I would probably do more with Spanish, since I know a bit and it would be used more around here.
      You haven't?! You need to have a movie-thon.;) Its a must! Have you read the books?
      What fun! I wish we had a place to go kayaking around here...

  4. We want a massive orchard one day too. It's one of my mom's dreams... maybe in Idaho! :)
    I love kayaking; I've been a few times. It's far more fun than canoeing I think.

    1. Would you just plant apple trees? I think it would be fun to have pears, plums, and cherries as well. Oh, and June berries.;)
      Are you all moving then?
      I would imagine it is more exciting than canoeing! I like going on float trips, where you actually go down a river, but just canoeing in a lake can be a bit boring.;)

    2. Well, probably not just apple trees. I love all kinds of fruit and we already have many but soft fruits don't seem to do as well here. It was bumper crop peach and plum year though!
      Float trips would be a lot of fun; I should put that on my mental list of fun things to do one day :)
      Yes, we hope to move soon.

    3. You know, it seems like a lot of the soft fruits don't do so well here either, though perhaps it is because we should be planting the wild varieties, since we have a wild plum tree and it's going great guns.
      I haven't been on a float trip in ages! I need to put it on my mental list of things to do again.;)
      Well, I hope the move and preparing for it goes well!