Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Best Advice I Ever Got on Marriage

The Best Advice I Ever Got On Marriage is a collection of advice that different Christian couples have either received, learned through their own marriage, or read and applied to their marriage. Each chapter is written by a different couple, most of which are well known Christian authors who have written their own books on marriage. This book is a wonderful blend of stories, advice, and practical ways to apply the knowledge to one's own marriage. I think it would make an excellent gift, whether for newlyweds who are trying to set Godly patterns in their marriage or couples who have been married a while and want to take a look at how they can improve their marriage. Most of the couples who contributed have been married for quite a while, although there is a good blend of age differences. When you want solid marriage advice, you ask a couple who has been through several seasons, so I think its good that most of the couples have been married at least 20 years.
I highly recommend this one!


  1. Adding this book to my future wish list! :)

  2. Great! It is a good one.:D A couple of other musts would be "The most important year in a man/woman's life" and "The Act of Marriage". Both are excellent!

    1. Thank you for the other suggestions, I will look them up! :)