Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our house! We had to fill out paperwork today to get the extension needed by the title company. So, it could be at least another thirty days before we are in it. I would complain about that, if it meant we would be on the streets once we are married, but we have been incredible blessed to have relatives offer a empty house to us until ours is ready. *confetti*
Things are coming together nicely for the big day, though I find myself making massive to-do lists of all the things we can't do until the week of.;) I just hope that I don't wind up losing one of those lists, since they are the equivalent of my brain these days.;)


  1. *big grin*
    The house looks lovely...big and roomy too. So excited for you and that is awesome that you will have a nice place to stay meanwhile.

  2. This is beautiful! What date is the big day? All the best! xx

  3. The big day was actually the day before your comment.;) We married on October 10th!