Thursday, August 12, 2010

We are still in the midst of working out the paperwork in regards to the house. There were a few problems with the contract, so we used up our three chances to get it right... The realtor just sent it in the for the third and final time, so I do hope that everything looks good! I mean, now I know how to spell my middle name. lol. I didn't realize until two years ago that the way I have always spelled my middle name is not how it is on the birth certificate, so now I have to decide which way to go with how I spell it. So, when the government finds that I spelled my middle name one way on the paper work and then another on my SSN card and drivers license, they kind of frowned on that.;) But, hopefully that is all worked out now!

Once we have the house, though, we can finally finish registering for the wedding, since we won't be blindly guessing what we would like to have in a future house.;) So many things up in the air until then though!

VBS is going on this week, ending with the community BBQ on Saturday. So, the kids went out last night to collect cans of food for the food pantry and invite the neighbors to the BBQ. It has been cute to see their zeal.:)


  1. So how do you spell your middle name? It is Nichole right? or is it Nicole? or maybe I'm wrong and it is completely different! lol
    Hope it all goes through for you dearie!

  2. I want to know how it's spelled too ;)
    I can see how that would trouble with the gov. and paperwork and all that.

    VBS is so much fun!

  3. Well, I always thought it is Nicolle, but it would appear that it is Nicholle on my birth certificate.;)