Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Moon is Always Round

Even young children want answers to the hard questions about God and suffering. In The Moon Is Always Round, seminary professor and author Jonathan Gibson uses the vivid imagery of the moon to explain to children how God’s goodness is always present, even when it might appear to be obscured by upsetting or difficult circumstances.
In this beautiful, full-color illustrated book, he allows readers to eavesdrop on the conversations he had with his young son in response to his sister’s death. Father and son share a simple liturgy together that reminds them that, just as the moon is always round despite its different phases, so also the goodness of God is always present throughout the different phases of life.
A section in the back of the book offers further biblical help for parents and caregivers in explaining God’s goodness to children. Jonathan Gibson reminds children of all ages that God’s goodness is present in the most difficult of times, even if we can’t always see it.

My thoughts: I was surprised how my children responded to this book, since it deals with losing a little one at 39 weeks and we just had a baby recently. It sparked some great conversation with them about the deeper meaning of this book, that even when we don't understand and our hearts are broken, God is good and present like the moon. I liked the analogy that the author used with the moon, since it is something that the children understand. We have lost several loved ones over the last couple of years, so I feel like that helped my children understand the message of this book too.
This is an excellent book to use to talk to children about hard things and how God is still there when we go through them.
I received this book from the publisher. This is my honest review and is in no way influenced by receiving a complimentary copy.

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