Thursday, November 21, 2019


Ruth is a story of redemption. Not just the redemption of Ruth, or Naomi, but it points to the plan for redemption that God had set up to redeem all who believe. Ruth by Jared Wilson is a ten-week accessible study that brings to life the theological depth and gospel centrality of the Christian Scriptures. For the next generation, this invaluable resource is interactive and engaging in a time in which biblical literacy amongst Christians is diminishing.
See Jesus more clearly in the book of Ruth, cultivate a better understanding of the themes in this book of the Bible, and find gospel-focused, theologically rich content to strengthen your faith in God, Christianity and Jesus Christ

My thoughts: Another excellent study guide! I've enjoyed this series, since it brings the classic Bible stories to life and does an excellent job of showing how applicable those stories are in modern times. Not that I doubt the stories in the Bible or that they still apply to us today, but I thought that this book did a fantastic job of showing me the story of Ruth in a different light than I am used to thinking about it. I like how this study showed that Boaz was a bit of a type and shadow of what Jesus would do for His people. This is an excellent study guide to pick up!
I received this book from New Growth. This is my honest review.

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