Thursday, November 21, 2019

Jonah; Grace for Sinners and Saints

Jonah by Iain Duguid examines the heart of God to redeem all of the ways we run from him. By digging in to the entire book of Jonah, Duguid urges readers to see how salvation is truly of the Lord, and how we are all called to repent. This small group guide includes ten in-depth lessons for one-to-one discipleship, small, or large Bible group settings. This guide is designed so that a Christian group can share their struggles of faith and come together so all will be strengthened.
Explore this resource and find a God who relents, a God who is sovereign, and a God who is present among the mercies and trials of life. See Jesus Christ more clearly in the book of Jonah, cultivate a better understanding of the themes in this book of the Bible, and find gospel-focused, theologically rich content to deepen your understanding of the Bible and guide your faith.

My thoughts: I love how this short study tackles the story of Jonah and shows how applicable the book of Jonah is for each of our lives. I appreciated how this book had a section where we are encouraged to examine our feelings towards various things to see if we really are like Jonah. Iain puts some of those things into more modern concepts to help readers relate.
I also really appreciated the section on hoe God doesn't change, since it's always an important reminder!
This is an excellent study to go through.
I received this book from New Growth. This is my honest review.

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