Monday, January 2, 2017

Top Ten 2017 Debuts I'm Excited For

I missed last week, with all the holiday get togethers and my husband being off work between holidays, along with a bathroom remodel gone awry.;) I thought I would take a break from the busyness of life to try and come up with 10 debut authors who have me excited this year. This was actually a harder list for me to come up with, since I don't have quite as much time to read as I once did, so I like to stick with authors who I know I like. But, I shall try to come up with ten.

1. The Illusive Miss Ellison

This one is regency and has a gorgeous cover, so it's one I will be looking for!

2. The Thing With Feathers

Having been homeschooled, I can relate somewhat to this book. It looks like it has potential to be amazing!

3. Freedom's Ring

This one looks exceptional! I love that it will be split between 2015 and 1770.

4. In 27 Days

This one looks like it has the potential to be incredibly moving, since it is about a girl who makes a deal with death to go back in time to save a boy from school who committed suicide.

5. Ascension of Larks

6. You Don't Know My Name

Secret agents with falling in love with the boy next door? Yes, please!

7. American Street

A young woman coming to America from Haiti and the cost of the American dream? This one sounds amazing!

8. Daughter of the Pirate King

9. The Color Project

10. Wicked Like a Wildfire

11. A Psalm for Lost Girls

12. Gilded Cage

13. Toward A Secret Sky


  1. A few of these made my list this week, and I forgot about '27 Days'! If I remember right, it too is one I'm curious to read. :) Fun list, Amanda - and HAPPY 2017! How fast these years go by.

    1. I'm super pumped about 27 Days. Blink has some amazing looking releases this year!
      It does seem like the years pass faster and faster...
      Happy 2017!

  2. Great list, some of these made My TTT too. I love the sound of In 27 Days and the Ascension ofLarks has a beautiful cover.

  3. These books look fantastic. My TBR is really growing this week... uh oh! :-)

    1. I have a feeling mine will continue to grow, with all the debuts... This list would up not being as hard as I originally thought!

  4. Wicked Like a Wildfire made my list as well! The cover is so gorgeous. I'm really interested in American Street too.

    My Top Ten