Monday, January 11, 2016

Take ten: 2015 releases I meant to get to but didn't

The Top Ten subject for this week is 2015 releases that I meant to read, but didn't get around to doing so. I thought that this one might be hard, since I feel like I did get around to reading most of the books that I wanted to read. Then, I started looking at my list and realized that I might not of done quite as well as I thought.;) So, here is my list for the week!

1. The Awakening

While I didn't get around to reading more than the first book of this fun indie series, I am thrilled to have the 2nd and 3rd books on my kindle now, so I will read them soon.;)

2. The Gathering

This one is an extension of #1.

3. Just one Summer

This collection of novella's is one that I kept meaning to pick up... The nice thing about novella's is that they fit nicely in between other books and deadlines.;)

4. The Wonder of You

Yes, it is horrible that I read the last book before going back and reading this one!

5. The Painter's Daughter

I was quite excited to see this one come out when it first released, but then felt disappointed with Lady, Maybe, so we shall see if I make it back to this title. Probably at some point.

6. Until the Dawn

I need to make time for this one, since I always enjoy the historical aspect of her stories!

7. Rising Darkness

I have loved all the books I've read by this author, including the first two of this series. She brings up some interesting social issues that I enjoy reading her thoughts on.

8. Ravenswolde

I am so excited about this one! While it is one that I missed, I didn't actually find out about it until 2015 was almost over...;)

9. Hollywood Lost

This one looks like an interesting mystery!

10. Hidden Agenda

Another interesting looking mystery!
So, what books did you mean to read, but didn't find the time for?

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