Monday, May 18, 2015

Take Ten

This week, Broke and Bookish's Top Ten is a freebie, so I think I will go with top ten characters that would be fun family members.
1. Mr. Knightley

He would be an amazing older brother! (I always wanted a kind, older brother)

2. Lucy Pevensie
I have a soft spot for Lucy and would love to have ger as a cousin.

3. & 4. Fred and George Weasley
Obviously, these two are great cousin material! They would probably be a bit much to take as brothers, but their pranks and humor would be fun to have at family reunions.;)

5. Lizzie Bennet
Another sister or cousin is where I would put Lizzie. With her sarcasm and wit, she would be fun to have as a relative and friend.

This list is to be continued.:-)
Who would be on your top ten list?


  1. Lucy and Mr. Knightley - yes, please! I'd love to have then in my family. Like you, I have a soft spot for Lucy (she's not afraid to trust and she has a pure faith) and of course, Knightley is just awesome. :)

    1. She isn't afraid to trust and love! I think Lucy has that childlike faith we are called to have.;)
      He is just awesome.;)