Friday, May 15, 2015

Liam Darcy, I Loathe You

Lizzie, Nila, Alice, Cate, Vivian, and Fiona- six girls about to begin a writing assignment that changes everything. From cute crushes to dances and dresses, they're recording it all, and so is their teacher. This modern makeover of Jane Austen's beloved novels follows your favorite stories in a high school setting. Perfect for new fans and devoted Austenites alike!

My thoughts: What a fun idea to have a re-telling of Jane Austen's stories! I love the idea of having a lot of the characters all in one story. And, in high school to boot.;) Heidi Jo Doxey does a fabulous job of bringing to life some of the best characters ever written and presenting them in a fun way for new readers. I had fun trying to figure out who was who (some of the characters are easier to figure out than others!), though if you aren't familiar with Jane Austen's books, then there is a "cheat sheet" in the back to encourage readers to read the actual stories and find out more about the characters.
The only downside is that there is a little bit of mild language in the story. It is minor though, and doesn't take away from the story.
I look forward to reading more of the Jane Journals!
I received this book from Cedar fort in exchange for my honest review.

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