Thursday, March 19, 2015

What is Lost

Angry at his failure to exact vengeance on the prince, mask maker Joch flees Venesia to find his lost love. When a red-cloaked assassin promises answers, he has little choice but to trust her-though he may be walking into a trap. Unravel the deception in this dazzling story of second chances that will keep you guessing to the last page.
My thoughts: I would imagine that it would of been helpful had I read the first book in the series, What is Hidden, since I would suspect that some things would of made more sense had I done so.;) That said, I think this book works okay to just jump right in, since it doesn't give away the story of the first book, which has different main characters.
I very much enjoyed this book, which is a retelling of Red Riding Hood, set in an interesting Japan meets Venice style world. I love that the author put a lot of thought into creating the islands to be unique, and yet somewhat familiar to what we know. I thought the characters were well developed, and there is an interesting mystery that is woven into the story. That said, the ending left me feeling unfulfilled. I feel like some things needed more of an explanation than what was given. I just hope we will meet up with some of the characters again and that the next book (is there one? Please say yes!) will give us some answers.;)
I received this book from Cedar Fort in exchange for my honest review.

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