Friday, September 26, 2014

Feeding Baby

Your baby deserves the best in life — food is no exception! Feeding Baby is the ultimate guide to preparing and feeding wholesome foods for your infant, with helpful nutritional tips, picky eating solutions, and over 80 recipes. Once you discover how easy and affordable it is to make baby food at home, you’ll take comfort in knowing your child is receiving the best nutrition possible.
As a mother, I want to feed my little girl the best diet possible, to help her growth and development. In Feeding Baby, Clancy Cash Harrison provides parents with wonderful guide lines to help their babies to thrive. I like that she breaks down how to know when to feed your child what foods, and that she goes through some common ingredients in mass produced foods and gives parents the information necessary to make informed decisions on what they feed their little ones. I love having this book in my own collection and will look to buying more copies of it to give as gifts.
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