Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Be Rebellious

Fight Back Against a Culture That Doesn't Care About You

What if we were created for more than just “fitting in” to the culture around us? What if we were meant to change our world?
Young women today are being seduced by a culture of lies. When pop-culture says a woman has to be ultra-thin and movie-star gorgeous, Megan Clinton says, “Let’s rebel against such crazy conformity.” Women will learn to cultivate the inner woman they were created to be, love themselves, and serve God in a way that leaves people awestruck.
I thought that this book was a great tool to motivate young woman to fight against the social norm and rise up to God's standard for their lives. This book is filled with great stories, references from the Scriptures, and reminders of women from the Bible who lived rebellious, for the Lord. Readers will be inspired as they read this book to go out and live their faith, becoming that peculiar people the scriptures call us to be.

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