Saturday, May 17, 2014

Daisies are forever

In the February of 1945, WWII is wrapping up and the Red Army is marching through Prussia. With the Russians approaching, Gisela Cramer joins the stream of refugees, heading towards Berlin. Leaving behind her ailing Grandpa and her cousin, Gisela takes on the task of escorting her cousins two kids to safety.
When Gisela's party comes across two escape POW from Britain, she takes on the risk of pretending to be married to one of them in order to keep them safe. As they rush to get to Berlin, Gisela finds herself falling for the hurting young man.
Based on true events in the author's family, this book was incredible! She doesn't sugar coat details, but Liz Tolsma also doesn't make the story unnecessarily violent. I like that both of her novels have been based on actual events.
If you find novels set in WWII interesting, then this is a book you need to check out!
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