Wednesday, March 22, 2023

This Life of Mine


A woman alone, fleeing for her life. A man on a mission of rescue.

Each fighting their own internal battles, will the survive the one raging between countries?

Will they find healing? Or succumb to the darkness and devastation around them?

Book #2 in The Chronicles of Elira

Marcus is tired of losing those he loves. The last shred of his childhood has been uprooted, and he feels alone… again. When the ruler’s new policies take effect, the anger of the Rusalkan mountain king is unleashed upon the borderlands. With refugees streaming into Elira by the hundreds, the stories from the wall are horrific.

Marcus joins a convoy to lend his medical skills to those in need at the Eliran border. What he finds there requires him to face his own deformities. Will he be able to overcome them? Or will his life forever be marked by suffering and sacrifice?

Dilara’s life as a slave in Rusalka was anything but idealistic. Consumed by a system designed to use, abuse, and discard the likes of her, she has been taken through the very depths. Carrying a traumatic secret and wounded in her frenzied escape, she finds herself with an unlikely protector and an even more confusing relationship. Can she traverse the waters of this new life of hers and make it her own?

Endorsements for This Life Of Mine:

"Make sure you’re stocked up on tissues because Victoria Lynn has crafted yet another masterpiece. This Life of Mine is a poignant, contemplative tale of profound loss, struggle, healing, and faith. Its powerful message, compelling characters, and sweet romance will tug at your heartstrings and push you toward Jesus." -Megan McCullough, author of We Could Be Villains

"Some books stir the imagination, but This Life of Mine stirs the soul. A journey of hope from brokenness, strength in weakness, and power in unity. It’s impossible to miss Victoria Lynn’s passion in this heart-written story and if you open your own heart as you read, you’ll leave behind the world of Elira as changed as its characters." - Nadine Brandes, author of Wishtress, Fawkes, Romanov, and the Out of Time Series

"This Life of Mine has earned a forever home on my bookshelf and in my heart. Featuring memorable characters and a powerful stance on the sanctity of life, it had me in tears with its story of redemption in the wake of regret. Victoria Lynn has done it again, weaving a tale that holds out hope to the ones who have been broken…and to the ones who have broken others." - Laurel Luehmann, author of This Will Not Last and Clarion Hope

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