Monday, March 6, 2023

Amish Wilderness Survival


To stay alive,

she must escape a killer’s clutches

When her brother goes missing, Leora Mast will do anything to find him…even if it means putting her life in danger. Upon arriving in Montana, she finds an ally in Fletcher Shetler, but almost as soon as they meet, they’re running for their lives. With Fletcher’s help, Leora must unravel the truth about her brother’s disappearance…before the man who wants them dead tracks them down.

From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.


I have to help a friend... 

Fletcher Shetler couldn’t get the last words his friend said to him out of 

his head. At the time, he hadn’t thought much about it. That was Ethan— 

always lending a hand to those in need. Yet the week of silence certainly 

wasn’t like him. Far from it. Especially not with the new venture Ethan had 

recently embarked upon demanding so much of this time. 

Training dogs for search and rescue missions into the mountains had become Ethan’s passion. He’d worked with military dogs during his career in the marines and talked about how rewarding it had been. When the opportunity arose to train dogs for mountain conditions, Ethan had come to Fletcher to assist, and Fletcher was happy to help. Truth be told, he enjoyed the work. 

So far, they had five young dogs going through the training process, and all were promising. 

When Ethan had left, he’d assured Fletcher he’d only be gone a couple of 

days. The time frame had come and gone. The silence on Ethan’s part was setting off all sorts of alarms in Fletcher’s head. 

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