Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Essentail Jonathan Edwards

You've heard his name, you've probably heard your pastor quote him, but who is he really?
250 years later, Jonathan Edwards, America’s consummate pastor-theologian, continues to capture the attention of Christians around the world. Yet Edwards left us over 1,200 sermons and thousands of pages of other publications, not to mention the literal thousands of books that have been written about Edwards since he died. Where does one even begin? That’s why we created The Essential Jonathan Edwards. It serves as a perfect introduction to Edwards’s life and thought. It explores Edwards day-to-day life, and his views on beauty, true Christianity, heaven and hell, and the good life. Strachan and Sweeney strike the perfect balance between necessary background information and giving Edwards’s own works room to speak.
Whether you’re an Edwards fan already or only know Edwards because of “that Angry God sermon,” this book will lead you to drink deeply of Scripture and gaze longingly at God.

My thoughts: Somewhat naively, I thought that this would just be a collection of Jonathan Edwards sermons or writings, but I like how it is set up in categories instead of whole sermons, since it paints bigger pictures of his thoughts on things like creation, the afterlife, and taking Hell seriously. While he lived 250 years ago, it is amazing how many of his writings apply to us today. This book is well put together and easy to pick up and read through, whether in a chunk or taking your time going through one topic at your leisure. This is an excellent book to pick up.
I received this book from Moody. This is my honest review.

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