Monday, August 6, 2018

Planet 316 Story Bible for Toddlers

A toddler-friendly reformat of the innovative Planet 316 Story Bible
This padded Bible storybook takes all of the best qualities of the Planet 316 Story Bible -- creative storytelling, humor, augmented reality, and engaging illustrations -- and distills them into a format toddlers can enjoy. The Planet 316 Story Bible for Toddlers includes eight classic Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. Little ones will learn about Noah and the ark, David and Goliath, the birth of Jesus, and more with bite-sized stories crafted for the short attention spans of wiggly toddlers. Families will love this fresh storybook that makes the Bible approachable and enjoyable. Ages 2-5 years.

My review: This book is adorable! I love the colorful illustrations and how the stories are several pages long, so that you get into some good discussions with your children about the stories. Covering several Old and New Testament tales, this is a wonderful book to read with young children. We are enjoying the book and my children love how the app brings the stories to life! It is fun to figure the app out. It adds a lot to this board book.
I received this book from Worthy. My review is my honest opinion of the book.

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