Friday, August 31, 2018

The Daily Question for You and Your Child

A fun, thought-provoking 365-question guided journal and keepsake that sparks daily interaction with your child to create a memory book capturing your child's life, personality, and faith journey.

This interactive prompted journal allows a parent to create a keepsake of three years of their child's life. By answering each of the 365 questions together on the same date each year, readers will get a unique and precious picture into their child's feelings, development, and personality. Some of the questions focus on spirituality and the child's heart, while some are meant to capture their creativity, spirit, and sense of humor. All questions spark conversations and memories that span well beyond the pages of this book.

My thoughts: This is such a fun journal to do with the child or children in your life! I love the questions and how much fun they are for one to discuss with children. Some of them are very thought provoking, like "what could you teach someone?" or "when did you last have to be brave?", while others are just plain fun. I love how they help me get to know my kids a lot better!
I received this book from the publisher. This is my honest review.

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