Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Paint Chips

What lies beneath the layers of hurt?

Though haunted by her troubled past, Dot has found a safe haven. She has a fierce protector and a colorful collection of friends...but sometimes she wonders if her life will ever be normal again. Though college and romance await her, embracing them requires a new kind of strength one she isn't sure she has.

Emerging from years of confusion, Cora struggles to latch hold of the sanity she needs to return to the real world. She yearns to find a place of peace...but first she must deal with the ghosts of her past.

Can this mother and daughter overcome abuse, betrayal, abandonment, and the horrors of sexual trafficking, and make it back into each others arms?

Facing the past is never easy. But as they chip away the layers, they might just find something beautiful beneath the mess.

My thoughts: This book was hard to put down, but at the same time, it was a hard story to read, since both of the main characters (and a lot of those around them) have had to work through a world of hurt and abuse. I especially had a hard time reading about Cora's childhood. Written in such a way that the past merges with the present to show you how Cora and Dot got to the place they are at the start of the story. I did appreciate that this story also focuses on hope for tough situations.

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