Monday, April 3, 2017

Welcome to College

Is there a more frightening question for a graduating high school senior than “What will you do with your life?”

In college, whether they realize it or not, students will answer that question every day with each decision. All of the new friends and new experiences of higher education will shape their future. It’s critical that students know how to handle college before they’re in the thick of it.

Jonathan Morrow tackles the tough questions that arise during these formative years, including:

—How do you grow spiritually?
—How do you manage your time to both study well and have fun?
—Is all truth relative?
—Are there good reasons to be a Christian?
—As a Christian, how should you view issues like dating and sex?

Each chapter of this new edition has been updated, and the author has included a new chapter on Christianity, homosexuality, and the Bible. Grounded in both his own extensive experience and biblical truth, Morrow’s book is full of quick, easy-to-read chapters and excellent advice.

My thoughts: This book is excellent! I wish that I had a copy of it when I went to college. I love how it covers so many topics, like being bold in your faith and purity. In come ways, this book is geared towards older teens, unless you feel like your child is mature enough for some of the topics.
I love that there are passages to explore and that a lot of this book deals with the spiritual side of things, though it also talks about juggling the busyness of college too.
If you have a teen starting to think about college, then I highly recommend giving them a copy of this book!
I received this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.

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