Monday, April 17, 2017

Top ten things that will instantly make me want to read a book

Okay, so I know that this is suppose to be more of a list about what things will always catch your attention if mentioned about a book, but my mind first went to things that will make me want to pick up a book, any old book.;)

1. The smell of new books
It's a dangerous thing, since a good old bookstore can convince me that I need to buy books just because they smell so good!;)

2. A good quote

I'm a sucker for a good quote! It makes me want to pick up a book by that author.

3. New covers

So far, I have managed to convince myself that I do not *need* these lovely books, since I already have lovely copies of most of these books.;) I still really love that Little Women though! (maybe my daughter will need it. You know, once she knows how to read for herself..;))

4. A good cup of tea
I know, so cliche, but a good cup of tea does make me long to curl up with a good book as well.

5. Road trips!
Okay, so this doesn't necessarily make me want to pick up a good book so much as over pack good books (which, I could remedy now with my Kindle! Gone are the days of packing at least a backpack of books to only touch one or two;)). I especially had this habit when I was a kid and would take a couple of books with me every where, including family get togethers.;)

Okay, so what catches my eye in a review or on Goodreads?

6. Pretty covers
I am a huge sucker for this one! A pretty cover will, sadly, bump a book up on my TBR list. (I know, so shallow!)

7. Boy next door story
I love these! Or, the friendship turned romance.

8. (clean) Regency
Yes, no one can outdo Jane Austen on this corner of the market, but I still like to pretend modern writers have a chance of making me happy.;) In all honesty, there is probably a 50% chance of me liking Regency novels, since it's a fine line of mimicking Austen's style and just plain copying her. I still like original story lines.

9. Cute chick lit
It seems like this is one of the harder categories for me to be happy with, though I still try. I like cute, sweet stories with no added junk in them, which can be hard to find with chick lit.

10. A good fairy tale re-telling
For some reason, it seems like I am usually pretty happy with the fairy tale re-tellings I come across.


  1. New covers and pretty covers?? Yes, please! Also, a good quote? For sure. If good enough, it can frame an entire story. :)

    1. I always add a ton of books to my tbr list when you post your list of pretty covers.;)

  2. I'm a sucker for the covers which are new for favorite series, too. My TTT

  3. Oh I like all of these and they so work for me too! I have covers on mine too but come on who doesn't love a good cover! My Top Ten

    1. I know. If we are really honest, most of us do judge a book by it's cover,;)

  4. I adore the smell of new books! That always pulls me in! :-)

  5. I think everyone is a sucker for pretty covers!

  6. I couldn't resist those beautiful children's book covers. And right now I'm reading Anne of Green Gables. The beautiful cover just makes it a better read, I think.

    1. They do! I'm thinking I will need to get these new copies, so my daughter and I can enjoy some of the classics together when she is a bit older.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Love a pretty cover!
    My TTT: