Monday, October 17, 2016

Ten character names I would use

Welcome to this week's Top Ten meme from The Broke and Bookish! The subject this week is to pick the top ten character names we would use to name a child, pet, car, etc. Since my husband is super picky about names for our children (which I suppose is good, since they will be stuck with their name for life unless they do something about it), I am sure that all my favorite literary names would be shot down in a heartbeat. So, here are the names I would use for pets. Or, the names I wish I could use for my children.;)

1. Atticus
Okay, so I have just read To Kill a Mockingbird, so this might change if I read Go Set a Watchman....

2. Hermoine
I love the character from the Harry Potter series, since I could totally relate to her when I was school age (though, I don't know that I ever left my nerdiness behind...). Not to mention, it is just a fun name.

3. Emma
I really wanted to use this name, since I love Jane Austen's character (even if people argue that she was a brat. We all have our bratty moments!) and it's a family name. It also seems to be quite popular in my circle of friends.

4. Knightley
I should name a dog this, since I can't imagine it as a first name for a son.;)

5. Elinor
As much as I love Sense and Sensibility, I can't say that I truly relate to either of the older Dashwood sisters. I do love the name Elinor though.

6. Amelia
I loved the Amelia Bedelia books when I was a kid!

7. Declan
This one isn't so much a book name as a movie name, since I just relate it to Leap Year. I love the name!

8. Shasta
From A Horse and His Boy

9. Lucy
I think this is such a sweet name, probably partially due to relating it to such a sweet character!

10. Peter


  1. Lucy and Emma are beautiful names! Shasta is unique and pretty too, and I'm a FAN of Declan. *heart eyes*

    1. Thanks! I would of changed my name to Emma when I was a kid, if I could of gotten away with it.;)
      I'm hopeful that I may get a nephew names Declan, at some point, since it is on the list of names my sister has talked about.;)

  2. Ooh, Knightley is a good one! I wish I'd thought of that!

  3. I didn't even THINK of Shasta! Nice one!

    1. Thanks! It might come across as kind of a hippy name, but I love it.;)

  4. Brilliant choices! :-) I love the name Amelia! :-)

  5. Love the name Amelia. If I ever decided to have kids, I would name my daughter Amelia but spelled Emilia. Great Top Ten :D My Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. I love the spelling you would go with! Amelia/Emilia is a seriously underrated name.;)

  6. I love Hermione!
    My TTT: