Monday, October 31, 2016

Take Ten: books for your book club

It's kind of funny that this week's topic is books for a book club, since my aunt and I were just discussing this very thing. I'm not sure that I can stick to a list of ten books for a certain topic, but here are ten books that I would love to do with a book club and can recommend for just about any book club.

1. Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor by Melanie Dobson

This one is fascinating, since it brings up interesting topics like raising a child with special needs in the 1950's when the world was all about stereotypes and pushing for women to be perfect housewives and mothers.

2. The Dandelion Field

This one is incredible! I love that it deals with teen pregnancy and some of the difficulties that accompany it.

3. The Hearts We Mend

This has been one of my very favorite stories from the past year, since it challenges the reader to over come prejudices.

4. Love Comes Calling

This one is a fun story that explores what it would be like to have ADD in the early 1900's. I thought it was well done!

5. Dear Mr. Knightley

I think just about every book club would enjoy this story, since it is chick lit at it's finest. Fun, cute, and whimsical without being cotton candy sweet.

6. A Broken Kind of Beautiful

This one is amazing, it kept me up late reading! I would love to discuss the themes in it with a club.

7. Invisible

This one is excellent! It deals with different facets of weight, from the overweight girl to the one fighting an eating disorder. I highly recommend this one!

8. The Tutor's Daughter

For those who enjoy a good Regency era story, I think this is one of the best I have read, since it is a wonderful combination of Gothic and romance.

9. Tackling the Field

This one deals with some weighty topics, like human trafficking and rape, but the author does a marvelous job at handling it. This one is another of my favorite books from this year.

10. The Giftsnatcher

I'm kind of surprised that I liked this book. While it is well written, the story is a bit dark, having to do with magic and Jack the Ripper. There are some great parts about family curses and redemption though!

11. Dysfunction Junction

This book is well written and such a fun story about a twenty something girl who finds love while following her dreams.

12. So Not Happening

Basically, if you need a good laugh with your book club, then I highly recommend Jenny's books! Her writing is just delightful.

I think it's kind of ironic doing up a list for a book club. While I love to read and would probably love to be in a book club of like minded readers, I have a terrible time with being told what to do when it comes to reading.;) I have gotten a bit better about being told what to read, on more of a schedule, since blogging, but I still get to choose the books I read and review. I think I would have to trust the other members in order to join a book club, since I hate being told what to read and when. lol.


  1. Lots of fun books on this list! Melanie's sounds interesting; I've seen it around but haven't really paid careful attention to its story. Also, three cheers for Katie's and Katherine's. Both are A+ reads! :)

    1. Melanie's was fascinating! I highly recommend it, since it's an interesting story.

  2. Good book club selections are not necessarily books that everyone loves because then the discussion ends up being boring. Another thing that is important to me when I select a book club book it must teach me something. I hope these books fulfill these requirements.
    My TTT Book Club Choices

    1. I think they would, though those are excellent criteria for book club choices.

  3. Ooh I haven't seen many of these books before! What an interesting list!

    1. Thank you! I hope you found some new books to read.;)

  4. Girls Snatcher looks really good - off to check it out.

    1. You will have to let me know if you read the Gift Snatcher! I loved it.